Aaron Zelenski


About me

Hey! It's me, Aaron Zelenski. I'm from Southern California and a computer science student here at BYU. I love to program! I am the youngest of 9 kids. I have 7 brothers and 1 sister. I also have lots of nephews and nieces and they are my favorite. Growing up, I played soccer and sang. I still play in an adult recreational league soccer to this day!

Simon project

I will be recreating the infamous Simon game through use of programming skills! I am so excited.

Start up project - Trivia-Junkie

Are you a trivia junkie always looking for your next fix? Do you eat, sleep, and dream trivia? Look no further than Trivia Junkie™, the newest website built to satisfy your bottomless trivia cravings. With categories like History, Sports, Pop Culture, Music, Geography, Science, and more, you’ll always have something new to stimulate you. Feed your obsession by climbing the ranks of the leaderboard, improving your top score and proving to the world that you didn’t waste your life learning pointless trivia questions. Log back in each time to stay in the lead and cement yourself as the trivia master. Are you ready to devolve into a trivia machine? Then stay tuned for the release of Trivia Junkie™.

Web programming assignments